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From a static society to a dynamic society !


The society is moving fast, the mentality is changing fast, our future will be very different in a very short time.

"Today our cities are made from buildings that are made to stay in the same place for 50 to 70 years. 

During those 70 years everything changes, especially our demand, because we are living in a dynamic society" Koen Othuis.


Today, we are going through two major changes in our civilization: climate change and urbanization.

Our cities are reacting too slowly to the new needs and are too static.

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Changing our perspection of the society

Our cities are too slow and too static.
The ideal modern world should allow to have buildings ready to transform and change.
The challenge of our new society is the reaction time ! If now it can take 3 years to get a house we will need to reach a maximum of 3 weeks delivery in a very short period of time to satisfy the new generation.

We are thinking that cities are full !

100 years ago we also thought that cities like New York where full but due to the vision of one man the vertical solution came with the invention of the elevator.

The solution of our time

Most of the big cities are located on the coast line like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Mumbai and New York.
The poor economic conditions and lack of employment opportu­nities in villages are the main push factors that drift the rural population towards the urban areas. The rural areas, which are less developed, have poor agricultural conditions and greater population pressure on land. As a consequence the surplus population is forced to migrate to the urban centers. The cities will have more and more pressure, the solution is not anymore the vertical but to expand on the only land available: the water !

New floating airport project in London

Floating Island concept by Amédée Santalo

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