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Floating Islands


Floating Islands is one of the biggest challenge today in WRE (water real estate).
We are designing 2 kinds of islands: on concrete or on in fat polymers platforms.  We want to provide the market with new amazing projects for yacht owrners or tourists looking for new sensations. 
Our islands will become a new destination for boat owners to go their and enjoy uncomparable time from what they have experienced.
Our islands will be fully equipped to insure the total comfort of the visitors.
Restaurants and coffee-shops  will be in all our products, some of them will also have underwater lounge bar.
Sand, artificial grass and teak wood will cover the islands. A fresh water swimming pool will always be available for people who do not like salty water.    

See the video of a presentation we have designed for a company based in Dubai, Alaqaryia Real Estate, which is the project owner.
We have totally create the concept and the design of the floating island you will see in the movie. 

We are working on different designs to deliver 5 star infrastuctures for exclusive clients.

Now ! Lets start dreaming ... dream about something that we will do soon !

Looking for new destinations ?
Going in the sea again and agin ... searching for new ports where spend some tine ... Why not a new ind of destination?


lmagine a place where you never been before ...
A dream place which will bring you new sensation and new emotion ...

A place where "privacy" means something ... 

A place where "Exclusive" means something ...

A place designed for exclusive people ... where "Service" means something...

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