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Floating Duplex Apartment Shaped as a Diamond 


By offering such product in the market we change completly the perception of the entertainment on the sea. 
We deliver incredible sensation & emotion.

Technology improves everyday. Today we can insure full security in such module including in case of storms or chocs due to a collision with a boat.

Diamonds will be placed in a safe environment secured by a proper team and managed by an hotel management company.

Tomorrow you can have you own floating diamonds park. All you have to do is to send us the location and dimensions. After few weeks you will receive a proper offer with all included... from the delivery to the management.

The size of the diamond is : 151.5 m2 of living space

Outline : 12 m x 8.5 m (H)

The Living room : 113 m2
including : Living room / kitchen / Washroom / Entrance dressing / Dining room

H. under the roof : 2.5 m


The Suite : 38.5 m2 of Luxury 

H. under the roof : 2.2 m
A suite with a wonderful bathroom
Windows are all around the room with a breathtaking view under the water.

The diamonds will have 5 anchors to insure full stability and the bottom of the module will store the clean and dirty water which will create a proper balance and even more stability.

We are not creating products for clients who are used to live on water but for everyone who wants an amazing new experience in life. 

Create you own floating diamond city ! We will design it for you !
ing new sensations to your clients ... 

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