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The floating existing market


The floating existing market is essentially composed of real estate projects with floating villas.
It is an excellent market with a huge growth every year.
This market will need new innovative solutions for the next 100 years.

Beluga Concept will definitley take a strong position in that market which we call Maritime Real Estate (M.R.E.).
Our strengh in the market is to be very concerned with prices. We have already found a way to reduce costs by innovative solutions without compromising the quality and the safety of the customers.
To do so we constantly travel to check new materials and partners to bring to our projects always the best solutions.

We also use our design to reduce costs. 

Future development 


Many companies are currently working on floating projects.
The main sector of activity which is showing a real interest for future development in tourism.
Floating hotels and artificial islands will apprear everywhere on the globe.

Beluga Concept  has the ambition to become the leader worldwide in innovation to provide the market amazing solutions for new bounderies in luxury.
We will always come with new kind of ideas ... something that nobody else is doing.

Always new projects for new challenges ...

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