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Floating Villas



Floating Villa by Triton Enterprise

BELUGA VILLA - 3000-700


Beluga Concept  wants always to innovate to create emotion for demanding clients.

LUXURY ANYWHERE  : BELUGA 3000-700 VILLASurface : living space 240 m²
Terraces : Ground floor 42.5 m² + Upper floor 53.5 = 96 m²
Level : G+1 with 3 Bedrooms luxury floating villa by Beluga.
We can study any project and deliver luxury villas anywhere in the world.
The Beluga 3000-700 Villa has 1 master bedroom on top and 2 bedrooms on the main deck. All rooms are with en-suite full bathrooms.

Energy is from solar panels, water treatment and desalinization plant according to the location for water supply with full black water treatment system.

The house is self sufficient and can be delivered in 6 month against 2 years for a normal house.
Starting from 520'000 euros only
(transportation cost not included)

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