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Beluga 1340-540


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Beluga 1340-540 has been designed especially for hotel industry. This is the perfect product to increase the size of a hotel through an extention in the water. 

The size of the Beluga 1340-540

Foot print : 13.40 m x 5.40 m = 72.36 m2
Inside space : 34 m2
Outside space : 34 m2
Terrace 1 : 17 m2
Terrace 2 : 17 m2
Like a standard hotel room we can add a bed for 2 kids.

Perfect product for lakes where the infrastructure does not allow you to bring yachts. We send on normal truck and assemble directly on site.

ImagIne what you can do on the beautiful lakes of Africa ...

An other setting in option for interior

Differnt  possibilities to setup a floating hotels 

Around an existing island

To configure as per your needs (Lego system)

Around a floating restaurant or other platforms

A Yacht without engine is a Beluga

:: Hotel Rooms
:: Massage room for Spa
:: Diving School 
:: Coast guards room

:: For fishers
:: For observation centre
:: For unaccessible places
:: For emmerncy center 

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