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Beluga 3012 Duplex


The Beluga 3012 is an incredible concept of 2 Luxury Suites of 75 m2 each with its own terrace and Jacuzzi.
We can also build one Luxury Suite of 120 on the upper level and 1 bedroom for children with 2 beds.  

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The size of the Beluga 3012

Foot print : 30m x 12m = 360 m2

Ground level : 360 m2
Upper level : 276 m2

Total = 636 m2 ( inside + terraces)


G Floor : 150 m2 (Living room / Dining room / kitchen)
Terrace 1 : 106.70 m2
Terrace 2 : 89.30 m2
H. under the roof = 2.5m

Upper Floor

2 Suites : 75 m2
Terrace 1 : 58 m2
Terrace 2 : 58 m2
H. under the roof = 2.80m - 3.80m - 2.80m

This version of the Beluga is perfect for island owners.

lmagine a virgin island surrounded by the Beluga 3012 the place will become a paradise without touching the ground.


You can just offer a wonderful beach and ultra modern and luxury rooms. No infrastructure needs to be build on the island to start a very exclusive and profitable business tomorrow.


You can now start anywhere anytime to offer tourism in the most incredible places where it is impossible to build hotels.

We can develop a version of the Beluga totally self sufficient in terms of energy, water and waste management.

For extreme conditions, we can also provide hydroponic solutions to grow food anywhere.  

Project still under design ...
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