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Beluga 1600-600


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Beluga 1600-600 is the middle range with a separate room and bigger kitchen than 1340-540.

The size of the 1600-600

Foot print : 16m x 6m = 96 m2


Inside living space : 51.80 m2
Outside living space : 35.00 m2

Terrace 1 : 18.76 m2
Terrace 2 : 16.24 m2

Master bedroom : 18.75 m2
Living room : 24 m2

H. under the roof : 2.05m - 2.90m - 2.30m

This product has been specifically designed for hotel industry.
lt is a fantastic Suite with separate bedroom and livingroom for the comfort of all the family.
A small additional room can accomodate 2 children. A double door between the master bedroom / children bedroom and the living room will insure comfort for all.

Each room has its own bathroom. The master one has a very spacious and comfortable bathroom.

There is a separate toilet for the visitors.

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