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ZEN 1300-500

A comfortable and luxurious floating solution

for the hospitality industry

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ZEN 1300 500

Footprint: mt. 13x5 = 65m2

(ft. 42.65 x 16.4 = ft2  700)

2 terraces of 11.5 m2  (ft2  123.7) each

Bedroom 15 m2           (ft2  161.5)

Living area 15 m2        (ft2  161.5)

Bathroom 3.6 m2        (ft2  38.7)

Zen is the perfect product for hospitality business to increase number of rooms in the sea / lakes.

Follow "green label" at the highest level, Zen will offer uncomparable feeling, confort and luxury to the most demanding clients.

The massive wooden structure will be treated with natural products in order to insure almost no maintenance for over 10 years even on salty water.

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